olay makeup 2The history of Olay is pretty interesting. It is not by chance that they are one of the leaders of the beauty and cosmetics industry. The Olay Logo, which appeared in the Maple Holistics review in 2016, is a well-known one, and with good cause.

People devote a lot of time to their personal development, and rightly so. But physical personal development is also important. A sound mind in a sound body, right? Olay have had some major research and development breakthroughs as a company, and it is part of what sets them apart from so many others who simply go along with the herd.

Originally they were known as “Oil of Olay”, and many still call them that. Sometimes a name just sticks with you, you know? For better or worse.

The 1950’s saw a lot of things happen. After the end of WWII, people wanted to evolve. People wanted to be younger, I suppose in part because war is hell. It really is. And it makes you grow older, whether you want it or not. And in the 50’s, Olay was a budding promising company.


Now, in 2017 (going on 18!), this is a company which is truted by millions and millions of people, all around the globe. There isn’t a way to take a genuine headcount, but I am sure that those numbers are growing. Many people, once they find a product and company they like, will remain pretty loyal. A company would have to screw up in a bad way in order to force others to leave.

Olay has makeup of all kinds, and the products keep on getting better. There is a fair amount of rejuvination and progress going on there. Makeup is something which a woman needs to grow into. I know plenty of women who didn’t start taking it seriously until their early 30’s, preferring the natural look before that.

There is a lot to be said for the natural look, to be sure. I have nothing against it, but once you unlock the secrets of the kind of makeup that looks good on you – AND once you learn how to apply it properly -, I mean there is nothing you cannot do, using polay makeup 1roducts like the ones Olay distributes. High quality stuff which can transform you in the best way, according to what looks good on you.

The name of the game is skin care, people. Obviously, we get older. And more obvious should be the tendency to grow old with grace. But, that does NOT mean not investing time and energy into looking younger when possible. I don’t mean to say that you should get all kinds of surgery. Nope. I am talk primarily about skin. It is amazing, really, how much you can tell about a person – seemingly – just by the look and feel of their skin. And come on, we’ve been there. When your skin is smooth and looking clean and shiny? It is the best!

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