I think it’s interesting that when push comes to shove, many people end up turning to spirituality to fulfill some sort of lack in their life. There is a misconception that spirituality is only for certain people, but the truth is that it’s for everyone! It doesn’t have to mean that religion, it can also be harnessed in terms of connection, and forming a better understanding of yourself. When put in these terms, many people are forced to admit that they are in fact spiritual people. I think it’s a shame that spirituality has developed a somewhat negative connotation to some, when its something that we should all be embracing. We all have much to gain from creating a better connection with ourselves. 

Spirituality is founded on the fact that your inner drives and desires come from your soul. As far as I understand it, that ‘gut feeling’ that you get sometimes is your soul speaking to you. The problem is in the hustle and bustle of daily life, our soul often gets drowned out. What we think we should be doing, and the monotony of daily movements puts our soul on autopilot. Embracing spirituality first and foremost means slowing it down and understanding what you want in this particular movement.

It is for this reason that it’s such a wonderful thing that the practice of mindfulness is becoming more and more popular. People are beginning to realize the value and importance of becoming more self-aware and connecting with a deeper part of yourself. It’s through forming this connection that we’re better able to connect with others. Many people say that once they understood their soul and let it speak for itself, they were able to let others do the same. I think that is in and of itself a beautiful thing that more people should be embracing.

To be spiritual often means to live on a different plane and reality to others around you. This is especially true in today’s age where many people are so disconnected to themselves. Living a spiritual lifestyle means putting your most ‘real’ self out there for people to connect with. It takes a lot of hard work and self awareness to do so, but the more you are in tune with your soul the easier it becomes. I think that some people are afraid to do this because they’re scared of what they might find out about themselves in the process. However, it’s important to remember that it’s just that – a process. It takes time and dedication to create a soul-first mentality, but it’s available to anyone who is willing to try. 

The bottom line is that practicing self-awareness and embracing mindfulness are at the forefront of developing a better connection with not only yourself but also those around you. All it takes is as little as ten minutes a day to check in with yourself. For some people it’s about emotion regulation, and for some it’s about checking in with what they need right now, and for others still it could be something else entirely. The point is to quiet the noise around you and check in with yourself – the self that is your soul. 

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