The clearest benefit is having a companion which isn’t human. In other words, this life-partner will not judge you, will not ridicule you or be gravely disappointed with you, will not constantly be placing a mirror in front of you, or projecting their own fears, doubts, and insecurities onto you. It is an animal which is there simply for you to live and love with, and this is its main qualification. Living with a furry friend helps you cope, helps you feel hopeful and less alone, helps you express yourself with or without words, and helps you feel better about yourself. This is exceedingly true with animals like dogs, who bond with others through physical contact and also secretion of oxytocin. If you are the one taking care of the animal, it also puts some responsibilities on your shoulders, and responsibility towards others – especially when we are at a bad place – is something which many people are in need of. It makes you tougher, and helps you understand that you are stronger and braver than you know.

The best part about this area of therapy is that the animals involved need no training whatsoever. They are just there, doing their thing. Humans form special bonds with certain animals, and while it is mostly with four-legged creatures like dogs, there have been cases of some people who responded amazingly well to birds and other types of animals. Dogs also have a fantastic way of being able to perceive individuals emotions and even foresee mental and physical issues. Dogs can be trained to tell if their owner is going to have a seizure or mental breakdown. If you’re prone to mental breakdowns, anxiety attacks, and or PTSD having an emotional support dog is a great way to help you with any of these issues. Support animals can help to keep your emotional levels stable, warn you of attacks, and stop you from performing self harm while having a breakdown. Dogs are very good at noticing emotional states in people and sometimes will notice your mental state before you’re aware of your own mental state. Emotional support dogs have been shown to be very effective at assisting individuals suffering from PTSD. Many veterans have opted to have PTSD support dogs and the therapy has been shown to benefit many individuals who have used the treatment method. The use of dogs to help people isn’t anything new with dog and human relationship, but using them for emotional support is definitely a new and greatly beneficial way of expanding the relationship between dogs and humans. Having a dog as a companion is also very beneficial for individuals who are suffering from emotional issues. Emotional issues often make people distance themselves from others. Having a dog as a companion is a great way to make an individual suffering from emotional issues leave the house and will give the individual a dog to have as a companion.
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