Just like baby-proofing, there is some maintenance involved. Anything sharp, potentially hazardous, poisonous, or dangerous needs to be addressed. Unlike babies, though, your pet is probably not going to develop the tendencies of a defiant Terrible-Two-Year-Old! – You’re gonna be gone for hours at your job and on errands. Keep your pet happy by supplying them with comfortable surroundings and toys, even if there is more than one pet. Don’t assume they will always keep each other engaged and busy. – Cover your trash cans in the kitchen / bathrooms, and put them behind doors. Keep those doors closed. My dog loves toilet paper. Truly. – Shelves are usually a life-saver in any apartment, but in an apartment with a pet it is even more important. If you have no shelves, get some. They make life easier in many ways, and prevent mishaps of all kinds. We have a rule at our place: ‘if he can reach it, he will.’ This was true when our dog was a pup, and it continued to be true as our family began to grow. At the time, we were living in an apartment with no terrace and certainly no yard. That means that on top of putting newspapers on the floor while toilet-training the dog, we had to also get certain plants, light fixtures, and artifacts we cared for out of reach. We assumed that if the Bobby (our dog) could reach them, he most certainly will. It is not about the size of the apartment. There are many big dogs who are classic apartment pets, and who are very happy living in one. What matters is what you do with your possessions. It is mostly you, not the pet, who needs the proofing. Another way to ensure you apartment will stay safe with your pet in NYC is ensuring your pet is getting the necessary amount of exercise.

Ensuring your dog is getting enough exercise is the best way to ensure that the animal is well behaved. It’s very difficult to train an animal that isn’t getting enough exercise. If you have a dog going to a dog park is one of the best ways to ensure your dog will be well behaved in your apartment. Your dog being well socialized with other dogs and getting the appropriate amount of exercise to maintain health. To make sure your apartment is dog proof will vary depending on how your dog acts. If you dog has a tendency to take food off the counter it’s a good idea to not leave food on the counter. Keeping your dog in certain rooms is a good way of making sure your apartment doesn’t get too messy. Having barriers up in doorways is a solid way to make sure your house remains safe and your dog remains safe. Blocking doorways is the easiest way to keep your dog safe and your apartment safe.

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