As pet owners, we all want what is best for our four-pawed loved ones. Cat litter, on the one hand, seems so simple, so uncomplicated, what could there possibly be to worry about.

Well as it turns out, quite a bit. 1. It Contains Silica Traditional cat litter often contains silica which is a carcinogen when breathed in, which you and your cat will be doing a great deal. 2. It Contains Sodium Bentonite Bentonite is used to promote clumping in the litter box. Unfortunately, it can have the same effect on your cat if and when he licks it off while grooming himself. 3. It’s Bad for the Environment Clay is not biodegradable, and as such ends up clogging up landfills which is definitely not making our earth a safer or more beautiful place. 4. They Contain Heavy Deodorizers That probably sounds great right? No cat poo smell, what could be bad about that? The problem is that deodorizers are often full of perfume which can be irritating to both you, and your cat, especially if she has asthma.

So now that we know why traditional cat litter is so bad, let’s explore the benefits of going natural. 1. It is Better for the Environment Natural cat litters are biodegradable which means your kitty won’t be responsible for clogging up landfills 2. It is Much Safer for Both You and Your Cat With natural ingredients such as paper, corn, wheat, walnuts, and wood, these materials will not irritate your cat’s sensitive system, or harm you and your family. 3. They Can Clump Like the Best of Them Fortunately, natural cat litters have pretty good clumping capabilities, which makes for a better experience for the user, and the user’s own. 4. They Are Dust Free Dust free cat litter helps prevent that slightly off-putting cat litter smell, some homes suffer from. Cats are very sensitive to scents, and the natural or unscented aromas of natural cat litters should attract your cat and make the switch quite a bit easier.

Natural products are also beneficial in their production. They tend to produce less waste and are better for the environment to produce. I try to buy as many natural products as I can, or I try to make my own. Making your own kitty litter I’ve heard is also possible. Once I try it and figure out all the kinks I’ll give a post about DIY kitty litter. Which will hopefully be effective, good for the environment, and also smells good.


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