victorinox knifeMy father gave my older brother a Victorinox pocketknife when he turned 10. At the time, I was 7, and I desperately wanted one as well. Well, patience is a virtue, right? A few years later, when I turned 10, I got my very own knife. Since that fateful birthday, I’ve been carrying knives pretty much on a regular basis. In my teens it was on and off, but now I am an everyday carry guy.

My knife collection is not large. I have only a few: a simple Victorinox (not the one I got when I turned 10!), a Leatherman Wave, and a half-serrated Spyderco Police.

leathermanThe one knife I carry on me at all times, is the Leatherman Wave which is attached to my belt. I find it to be the most versatile of the knives I have, which is why it is my go-to blade. The Victorinox is stashed in my car’s glove compartment, and the Spyderco is in my toolbox. If and when I go camping, I take the Spyderco with me, since it is a great outdoors knife.

I use these knives on a regular basis, with the Wave getting more use than the others. It is simply a better tool. However, when I need more serious cutting done, I take the Police out and it makes short work of anything.

In a world of guns, drones, and guided missiles, knives seem almost superfluous. However, in my opinion, they are still a great weapon/tool to have around. Knives have a much more personal feel to them than any other weapon I have used.

I have shot guns, assault rifles, and machine guns; I have thrown hand grenades and pushed detonator buttons (set to detonate unexploded mines and tank shells); a knife is something else. I have used my Spyderco to chop, dice, and slice on many different occasions.

Firearms have their place, for sure, but with a knife you can get up close and personal, be it in combat or in the outdoors. It is part of why I appreciate knife carriers so much. A gun may be more powerful, but to me, a knife is a lot more personal.

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