When Life Gives You Oranges…Oil

When life gives you lemons, don’t you dare make lemonade! What are you doing making lemonade, when you are sitting on such a gold mine! Peel one of those ‘life oranges’, and squeeze the skin between your fingers. You smell that, my friend? That is essence of orange, right there. Yes, indeed. The essential oil which the orange yields is very concentrated, and very beneficial. I should rename my blog “topical” topics after this post:)

Uses of Orange Oilorange oil

The uses of orange essential oil are many, and among them are:

Medically – this essential oil is used for treating the common cold, a slow digestive system, gas, the flu, and even stress. Some use it in their mouthwash, since it has the ability to fight sores and other oral unpleasantness.

Cosmetically – it is used as a skin revitalizer and healer. Oranges famously contain vitamin C, and this is also true to the fruit’s essential oil. Rich with vitamin C, it is able to act as an anti-ager, and fight wrinkles, sunburns, spots, and other skin-related issues.

Other ways of using the orange’s essential oil include:

Mood-heightener / relaxer / chill out session starter – put a few drops in an aromatherapy diffuser, and let it burn slowly. The oil’s fumes have a very calming effect when inhaled, and they can really help unwind after a long day. Works very well in the bath or shower.

All-around kitchen cleaner – take a squirt bottle, and add orange essential oil to water. Perhaps consider adding another essential oil, such as a kind of mint, to the mix. Your call. You now have a great cleaner. Depending on the concentration, it can get rid of many different kinds of stains, grease, and grime.

General revitalizing tonic – this may be an obscure one, which is why I didn’t add it to the medical benefits. Orange essential oil is seen by many as a general remedy. You don’t need to suffer from any kinds of condition to use it. It is wonderful as a standalone “body maintainer”. It keeps you in shape and protects you.

Orange essential oil can help out with any and all systems, physical and mental. It is a wonderful oil which I feel is overlooked, sometimes. With so many other popular oils, such as lavender and rosemary, or the amazing Australian tea tree, it is easy to sidestep an oil made from a citrus fruit which we encounter on a daily / weekly / monthly / seasonal basis. We are used to oranges, so maybe we think less of them.peel

Either way, I hope this little post was able to broaden your orange horizons, and give you a different perspective on this common fruit. It helps your body to do what it is already doing, and it boosts its functions. Get rid of gas and toxins, improve immunity, and facilitate healthy loss of fat, with the orange’s essential oil. Because it is so prevalent, it may be overlooked, but it is certainly one of the most essential oils there are. I leave it up to you, to make that discovery for yourself.

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