The Melaleuca Tree

Melaleuca tree The benefits of tea tree oil have been known to us for centuries and the plant was originally used by the aboriginal peoples of Australia for a variety of medicinal purposes. They used to boil the leaves of the the Melaleuca tree down into a rich tea that was used to help treat everything from viral infections and could even be applied topically to the skin or hair in order to heal cuts and wounds as well as to clean with.

The melaleuca trees healing properties were only discovered by a westerner in 1770 when Captain James Cook landed on what is now known as Australia. After meeting with the local inhabitants, they told him about the healing properties of a tree that he had seen growing in groves around the island. After realizing what he had stumbled upon, he decided to take some of the leaves back with him in order to help treat his men on board the ship from diseases like scurvy or fever.

However, it was only until a chemist named Arthur Penfold came across the healing properties of the melaleuca tree, that it’s true healing potential could be harnessed. He realized that the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of the trees oil could be used for more specific medical purposes and decided to create an essential oil from the leaves and bark of the tree through a process known as steam distillation. The resulting product was a highly concentrated version of the trees natural oils and was considered to be more effective than many of the generic antibacterial and antiseptic treatments of the time. It was also 100% natural, so patients and doctors wouldn’t have to worry as much about allergic reactions or chemical damage occurring during or after operations.

Since the advent of tea tree oil as we know it today, the oil has been added to nearly every kind of personal and general cleansing product you can think of. In terms of personal products, tea tree oil shampoo is one of the most popular products that you’ll be likely to find on the market.
melaleuca alterfolia
This is because tea tree oil shampoo is highly effective at cleansing the skin, hair and scalp and can work wonders in terms of relieving you of any irritation or dryness that may occur on your scalp. This generally tends to be the leading cause of dandruff and is best treated by using a mild – yet effective, natural antibacterial treatment to help kill off any bacteria that may be causing the infection to become worse. I’ve been using tea tree oil shampoo for a number of years and found that it helped me retain my hairs natural sense of moisture, while encouraging stronger hair growth and generally fresher hair altogether.

When you use conventional shampoos, you tend to do more harm to your hair than you would without using them in the first place. Tea tree oil shampoo is the perfect alternative for those looking for something that’s both effective and yet mild on our skin as well.

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