essential oils 5 Are essential oils really all they’re cracked up to be? I say – yes. While it is true that modern western medicine has a lot of ways and means of treating some harsh diseases, they have not figured out preventive medicine to the extent that older traditions have. A lot of the approach has to do with mind and body, and that is one area where modern medicine is lagging behind.

I mean, even the fact that ancient traditions are called an “alternative” are sometimes mind-boggling. You’re gonna call a 3000 year old tradition an alternative? But on the other hand, many other 3000 year old ideas have been debunked (e.g. the world is flat, and similar ideas). Nevertheless, there is something about calling them an alternative which gets to me. But I digress.

Essential oils – whether massaged into the skin, inhaled, or applied topically – are some of the most powerful medicinal substances around. There isn’t much that hasn’t been said, and I just want to give my two cents on the matter. I have been putting olive and peppermint oil in my beard and hair for a while in an attempt to help them stay strong and resilient. I think I need toessential oils 3 give it more time before giving my verdict. But it is not just about hair. I have used essential oils for cleaning, for keeping away bugs, for help myself and the kids sleep. Tons of uses. There are so many different ways to enjoy the power of essential oils, and there has never been a time as this before, where everything is readily available online and in shops all over the world. What once had to be shipped over and would be so very rare, is now an item which is in so many stores and locations. Amazing.

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