Lucas and Peyton

This is a continuation from the one tree hill saga, but today we’re going to look at the love story between Lucas and Brooke which is pretty confusing. He’s basically had a crush on her since forever one tree hill1and she’s like the it’s girl in the movie. Nobody messes with Brooke and she’s head of the cheerleading team. Enough said? With this in mind, Lucas is like the cool bad boy who’s super misunderstood. He likes reading books and is pretty quiet. Not shy, but just the good boy with rugged looks. His half brother is Nathan who always gets into trouble. Either way, when Lucas and Brooke starts going out it’s clear from the very beginning of them dating that he actually likes Peyton. The opening scene of the whole series is Peyton breaking down and Lucas coming to fix her car. This is the first scene that they meet and it’s actually really cute but underrated that they end up together.

I always wonder, with couples who finally end up together at the very, even in real life, if they had to go through all that separation to grow in a way that would bring them back together. Or maybe, they just wouldn’t have worked at that time. Either way you look at it, it’s crazy to think that while you’re watching the show for the first time, you have no idea who’s going to end up together and a lot of that has to do with the fact one tree hill2that they all really love each other. It’s not like Lucas was pretending when he was with Brooke. He really liked her and she really liked him but they just needed that time together to find who they were really looking for. The person that Brooke ends up with isn’t the complete opposite of Lucas but he is different in many ways. Also, as they go through the seasons they mature in terms of what they’re looking for and who they are as people. It’s really fun to watch it again and see how young or foolish they were, knowing what’s coming in the later episodes. This is especially true of Lucas and Peyton because at some points there are no guarantees that they’re going to end up together and you just have to hope for the best that they will, because you just don’t know. I think that everyone who watches the show wants Lucas and Peyton together but there are no guarantees until they actually get married. There is even one episode where Lucas almost marries another woman – actually if I remember correctly he actually does marry her? But maybe I’m wrong. Either way, they both get very close to closing off a future together and then somehow, they manage to end up together. I don’t know if that’s super unrealistic, of if it’s supposed to give you hope for the future.



Let’s talk famous boy bands. I think it’s crazy that boy bands never get old. Throughout every generation there have been a set of boys that the crowd would go wild over. This makes it almost impossible for regular guys to have a fair go in the program. That’s what you get for making boy boybands1bands popular. And then there’s the poor solo boys that have to try and make it on their own. I remember when JLS first became famous. It really is a whole culture in its own right. Some people are just blessed with being the center of attention. I actually hate being the center of attention but this isn’t about me. I always used to be in awe of those girls (some of them my friends) that would camp outside the concert arena for days beforehand to try and catch a glimpse of somebody famous. I have a kind of aversion to famous people. Like someone who I know is famous, I’ll go out of my way to not give them attention. It’s not that I come across famous people but I just think, if you know that you’re cool why do you need me to reinforce it for you? I’m not stroking that ego that’s been touched by millions before me. You’re fine.

Either way JLS had this color scheme thing going so that you could support each one of them. It was pretty cute actually. There were four of them and each one had their own color so if you were in the crowd you could wear something that was the color of the one that you had a crush on or hold a boybandscolored sign and they would know you had a crush on them. It was smart because they played into it with their merch so that you could show that you supported particular one. I knew a girl in school who couldn’t pick which JLS guy she liked so she bought every hoodie. That’s why the music industry is a money-making business. Because it just sucks you in to show your insane support of boy bands to the point that it’s ridiculous. And this is after McFly. People went crazy for them. They even starred in a movie. That’s what I don’t get about singers. How come one inevitably leads to another? Who’s to say that just because you can sing and might have a good stage presence, that now you can act. I just don’t get how the two are intrinsically combined. It happens to be that there are several different paths you could take to the acting industry but I just don’t understand how a music career is intrinsically one of those paths. It blows my mind every time.

Don’t even get me started on One Direction. They just think they’re so cool it makes me physically averted. I’ll admit that their music is okay but seeing as Harry Styles is constantly seen as a restaurant in London that I often go to, I find it difficult to show him the respect he seemingly deserves.

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