Lucas and Peyton

This is a continuation from the one tree hill saga, but today we’re going to look at the love story between Lucas and Brooke which is pretty confusing. He’s basically had a crush on her since forever one tree hill1and she’s like the it’s girl in the movie. Nobody messes with Brooke and she’s head of the cheerleading team. Enough said? With this in mind, Lucas is like the cool bad boy who’s super misunderstood. He likes reading books and is pretty quiet. Not shy, but just the good boy with rugged looks. His half brother is Nathan who always gets into trouble. Either way, when Lucas and Brooke starts going out it’s clear from the very beginning of them dating that he actually likes Peyton. The opening scene of the whole series is Peyton breaking down and Lucas coming to fix her car. This is the first scene that they meet and it’s actually really cute but underrated that they end up together.

I always wonder, with couples who finally end up together at the very, even in real life, if they had to go through all that separation to grow in a way that would bring them back together. Or maybe, they just wouldn’t have worked at that time. Either way you look at it, it’s crazy to think that while you’re watching the show for the first time, you have no idea who’s going to end up together and a lot of that has to do with the fact one tree hill2that they all really love each other. It’s not like Lucas was pretending when he was with Brooke. He really liked her and she really liked him but they just needed that time together to find who they were really looking for. The person that Brooke ends up with isn’t the complete opposite of Lucas but he is different in many ways. Also, as they go through the seasons they mature in terms of what they’re looking for and who they are as people. It’s really fun to watch it again and see how young or foolish they were, knowing what’s coming in the later episodes. This is especially true of Lucas and Peyton because at some points there are no guarantees that they’re going to end up together and you just have to hope for the best that they will, because you just don’t know. I think that everyone who watches the show wants Lucas and Peyton together but there are no guarantees until they actually get married. There is even one episode where Lucas almost marries another woman – actually if I remember correctly he actually does marry her? But maybe I’m wrong. Either way, they both get very close to closing off a future together and then somehow, they manage to end up together. I don’t know if that’s super unrealistic, of if it’s supposed to give you hope for the future.


Skincare for Dry Skin

The skin is our largest organ, and while it does provide us with a wonderful degree of protection, it is also susceptible to the environment, the elements, and our own negligence. During the winter, our skin needs to be looked after, but in a different way as in during the hotter aloe vera

I feel the most basic mistake that people make is not drying their hands properly after getting them wet. Whether it is after a trip to the bathroom, an over-the-sink session of dish washing, or before you sit down to eat – it is important to wash your hands, and in the winter it is also just as important to thoroughly dry them. The most important tip I have for winter is: use separate, dry towels. Use a designated face towel and designated hand towel, which should be changed daily. Generally speaking, washing your hands should never be skipped. It’s unhygienic to use the bathroom and then not wash your hands afterwards. But when you do this, you need to make sure to dry your hands to stop the spread of bacteria. I’m not really sure how this works in terms of the water and bacteria spreading but I do know that it’s a thing and needs to be dealt with to avoid dry and dirty skin. Seeing someone leave the bathroom without washing their hands is one of the worst things to witness. You have to be on edge to make sure that you don’t end up touching anything else that they might have touched. It’s a really stressful experience. Just take five minutes to wash your hands to avoid all the drama.

Another catalyst of dryness is air conditioning. When we move from one area to the other, from the cold rain and chill winds to the “artificial” heat of air-conditioned rooms, we risk the shift harming our skin. Our extremities and our face (particularly the lips) are often more exposed, and so more prone to dryness and inflammation. ‘Tis the season, right?skin aloe vera1

Use skin cream. If you don’t want to use OTC products, and I don’t blame you, create your own DIY moisturizer using coconut, aloe vera, jojoba, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Check out some recipes and feel free to experiment with it. DIY recipe sound like more of a hassle than they actually are. One of the biggest benefits to using DIY recipes is that you avoid using all the harmful ingredients that you find in conventional cosmetics. And it’s not just cosmetics that could benefit from getting a DIY makeover. Your cleaning products and other home essentials would be better of going all natural too. It’s pretty much the only way to ensure that your body and health is being nourished rather than the opposite. When it comes to conventional  products you rarely know exactly what is going into the formula. Ingredient transparency is pretty much non-existent.

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Let’s talk famous boy bands. I think it’s crazy that boy bands never get old. Throughout every generation there have been a set of boys that the crowd would go wild over. This makes it almost impossible for regular guys to have a fair go in the program. That’s what you get for making boy boybands1bands popular. And then there’s the poor solo boys that have to try and make it on their own. I remember when JLS first became famous. It really is a whole culture in its own right. Some people are just blessed with being the center of attention. I actually hate being the center of attention but this isn’t about me. I always used to be in awe of those girls (some of them my friends) that would camp outside the concert arena for days beforehand to try and catch a glimpse of somebody famous. I have a kind of aversion to famous people. Like someone who I know is famous, I’ll go out of my way to not give them attention. It’s not that I come across famous people but I just think, if you know that you’re cool why do you need me to reinforce it for you? I’m not stroking that ego that’s been touched by millions before me. You’re fine.

Either way JLS had this color scheme thing going so that you could support each one of them. It was pretty cute actually. There were four of them and each one had their own color so if you were in the crowd you could wear something that was the color of the one that you had a crush on or hold a boybandscolored sign and they would know you had a crush on them. It was smart because they played into it with their merch so that you could show that you supported particular one. I knew a girl in school who couldn’t pick which JLS guy she liked so she bought every hoodie. That’s why the music industry is a money-making business. Because it just sucks you in to show your insane support of boy bands to the point that it’s ridiculous. And this is after McFly. People went crazy for them. They even starred in a movie. That’s what I don’t get about singers. How come one inevitably leads to another? Who’s to say that just because you can sing and might have a good stage presence, that now you can act. I just don’t get how the two are intrinsically combined. It happens to be that there are several different paths you could take to the acting industry but I just don’t understand how a music career is intrinsically one of those paths. It blows my mind every time.

Don’t even get me started on One Direction. They just think they’re so cool it makes me physically averted. I’ll admit that their music is okay but seeing as Harry Styles is constantly seen as a restaurant in London that I often go to, I find it difficult to show him the respect he seemingly deserves.

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Garfield: He is Sarcastic

garfield 1 I have loved Garfield ever since I came across him as a boy. I mean, what’s not to like? He is sarcastic, he is comical, he hates small dogs, and he loves sleeping, pigging out, and attacking mail-carriers. So, the attraction was obvious from the beginning, as far as I was concerned. I enjoyed the comics a great deal. And when the television series began to air in the late 80’s, I knew it was going to be a hit. The only question was: who on earth is going to be the voice of the feline sensation that has gripped the nation?! This is huge. I mean, it had to be perfect. Just perfect. Enter Lorenzo Music.

This is where Garfield seriously broke out. Now that he was given a voice – and what a voice – the circle was complete. The drawings by Jim Davis were complemented in such an amazing way by the lazy, hazy, sarcastic voice. It was lovely to behold, and a joy to watch. The comic came to a life in a way that no other had done until then. It was the perfect choice. Now, who’s to say there wasn’t someone else? Maybe there was, maybe there wasn’t. I’d have loved to be there at the auditions (if they were held), and to witness all of the would-be Garfields.

Later on, the movies came out, and it was Bill Murray (if I am not mistaken) who had taken over. I love Bill. Honestly, I do. But it wasn’t the same, and I didn’t enjoy the full-length features as much as I did the cartoon. There is something so classically Garfield about those cartoons, and the films – while appreciated – never lived up to them, in my opinion.  Not that I am saying I could have done better, mind you. Those films were great and all, but I will always have a soft spbill murray 1ot in my heart for those earlier days. And it isn’t just nostalgia, I think. Thinking about on those awesome cartoons, it really was the comic strip come to life, which is something that cannot be easily said for the films.

The Garfield Quickie scenes which were interwoven with the episodes were literally pieces from the comic strip which were animated. How awesome is that? When I backtracked through the comic strips, years later, I could see the originals and it fits. It all fits wonderfully.

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The Melaleuca Tree

Melaleuca tree The benefits of tea tree oil have been known to us for centuries and the plant was originally used by the aboriginal peoples of Australia for a variety of medicinal purposes. They used to boil the leaves of the the Melaleuca tree down into a rich tea that was used to help treat everything from viral infections and could even be applied topically to the skin or hair in order to heal cuts and wounds as well as to clean with.

The melaleuca trees healing properties were only discovered by a westerner in 1770 when Captain James Cook landed on what is now known as Australia. After meeting with the local inhabitants, they told him about the healing properties of a tree that he had seen growing in groves around the island. After realizing what he had stumbled upon, he decided to take some of the leaves back with him in order to help treat his men on board the ship from diseases like scurvy or fever.

However, it was only until a chemist named Arthur Penfold came across the healing properties of the melaleuca tree, that it’s true healing potential could be harnessed. He realized that the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of the trees oil could be used for more specific medical purposes and decided to create an essential oil from the leaves and bark of the tree through a process known as steam distillation. The resulting product was a highly concentrated version of the trees natural oils and was considered to be more effective than many of the generic antibacterial and antiseptic treatments of the time. It was also 100% natural, so patients and doctors wouldn’t have to worry as much about allergic reactions or chemical damage occurring during or after operations.

Since the advent of tea tree oil as we know it today, the oil has been added to nearly every kind of personal and general cleansing product you can think of. In terms of personal products, tea tree oil shampoo is one of the most popular products that you’ll be likely to find on the market.
melaleuca alterfolia
This is because tea tree oil shampoo is highly effective at cleansing the skin, hair and scalp and can work wonders in terms of relieving you of any irritation or dryness that may occur on your scalp. This generally tends to be the leading cause of dandruff and is best treated by using a mild – yet effective, natural antibacterial treatment to help kill off any bacteria that may be causing the infection to become worse. I’ve been using tea tree oil shampoo for a number of years and found that it helped me retain my hairs natural sense of moisture, while encouraging stronger hair growth and generally fresher hair altogether.

When you use conventional shampoos, you tend to do more harm to your hair than you would without using them in the first place. Tea tree oil shampoo is the perfect alternative for those looking for something that’s both effective and yet mild on our skin as well.

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Essential Oils And Their Benefits

essential oils 5 Are essential oils really all they’re cracked up to be? I say – yes. While it is true that modern western medicine has a lot of ways and means of treating some harsh diseases, they have not figured out preventive medicine to the extent that older traditions have. A lot of the approach has to do with mind and body, and that is one area where modern medicine is lagging behind.

I mean, even the fact that ancient traditions are called an “alternative” are sometimes mind-boggling. You’re gonna call a 3000 year old tradition an alternative? But on the other hand, many other 3000 year old ideas have been debunked (e.g. the world is flat, and similar ideas). Nevertheless, there is something about calling them an alternative which gets to me. But I digress.

Essential oils – whether massaged into the skin, inhaled, or applied topically – are some of the most powerful medicinal substances around. There isn’t much that hasn’t been said, and I just want to give my two cents on the matter. I have been putting olive and peppermint oil in my beard and hair for a while in an attempt to help them stay strong and resilient. I think I need toessential oils 3 give it more time before giving my verdict. But it is not just about hair. I have used essential oils for cleaning, for keeping away bugs, for help myself and the kids sleep. Tons of uses. There are so many different ways to enjoy the power of essential oils, and there has never been a time as this before, where everything is readily available online and in shops all over the world. What once had to be shipped over and would be so very rare, is now an item which is in so many stores and locations. Amazing.

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Oil of Olay Makeup

olay makeup 2The history of Olay is pretty interesting. It is not by chance that they are one of the leaders of the beauty and cosmetics industry. The Olay Logo, which appeared in the Maple Holistics review in 2016, is a well-known one, and with good cause.

People devote a lot of time to their personal development, and rightly so. But physical personal development is also important. A sound mind in a sound body, right? Olay have had some major research and development breakthroughs as a company, and it is part of what sets them apart from so many others who simply go along with the herd.

Originally they were known as “Oil of Olay”, and many still call them that. Sometimes a name just sticks with you, you know? For better or worse.

The 1950’s saw a lot of things happen. After the end of WWII, people wanted to evolve. People wanted to be younger, I suppose in part because war is hell. It really is. And it makes you grow older, whether you want it or not. And in the 50’s, Olay was a budding promising company.

Now, in 2017 (going on 18!), this is a company which is truted by millions and millions of people, all around the globe. There isn’t a way to take a genuine headcount, but I am sure that those numbers are growing. Many people, once they find a product and company they like, will remain pretty loyal. A company would have to screw up in a bad way in order to force others to leave.

Olay has makeup of all kinds, and the products keep on getting better. There is a fair amount of rejuvination and progress going on there. Makeup is something which a woman needs to grow into. I know plenty of women who didn’t start taking it seriously until their early 30’s, preferring the natural look before that.

There is a lot to be said for the natural look, to be sure. I have nothing against it, but once you unlock the secrets of the kind of makeup that looks good on you – AND once you learn how to apply it properly -, I mean there is nothing you cannot do, using polay makeup 1roducts like the ones Olay distributes. High quality stuff which can transform you in the best way, according to what looks good on you.

The name of the game is skin care, people. Obviously, we get older. And more obvious should be the tendency to grow old with grace. But, that does NOT mean not investing time and energy into looking younger when possible. I don’t mean to say that you should get all kinds of surgery. Nope. I am talk primarily about skin. It is amazing, really, how much you can tell about a person – seemingly – just by the look and feel of their skin. And come on, we’ve been there. When your skin is smooth and looking clean and shiny? It is the best!

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Legal To Carry


I got my first gun as soon as I was legally allowed to carry. I had my eye on the Glock 19 for some time, having shot one in the past. Some people said I shouldn’t go for the obvious choices, like a Glock or a Ruger. But you know what? Guns like Glock and Ruger  – there is a reason why they are so popular, and why they would indeed be an obvious choice.

These guns are ones which don’t cost too much, and which are accurate and reliable. What more could you possibly want in an everyday carry (EDC) or home defense kind of firearm?

You want it to do what it is meant to do when the time comes. The gun comes out of the factory in tip top shape, and now it is up to you to break it in, work it, carry it, customize or otherwise personalize it (as a way to make it your very own), and – most importantly – train with it. Get out to the range, spend some money, and get to know your weapon. Do this so when the time comes when you may need it, you will have a history with it. You will know what to do, and will not choke under pressure.Check out amazing Gun Articles at

As for range days – you will probably do it more at first, and then lessen your training as time goes on. I am being very presumptuous, I know, but it is only based on what I know. Some people start training with a gun, get bitten by the bug, and develop a healthy obsession for shooting. Some don’t. Either way, what is important is that you get to know your weapon of choice. It can help save your life, or the lives of those around you.

Whether you choose to open carry, conceal carry, or just keep a gun in your night table or dresser for emergencies – you must be aware of safety regulations and act with caution. Too many innocent people get hurt, most often by the ones they love, due to improper gun care and sometimes due to outright negligence. What can I say? There are people who are not cut out to be gun owners. It’s true. Wave the second amendment all you want, it just isn’t happening. We are not all going to pick up a gun and join the armed population.

I, however, am not one of those people. I made some mistakes early on, but thankfully it was early enough so I learned quickly. The classic rules – such as always treating a gun as if it is loaded, or keeping the muzzle away from anything you do not wish to see destroyed – are the best ones to follow. They will usually give you all the discipline you need.

For me, the choice between arming myself and not arming myself was no choice at all. I had known my desired path long before I could legally carry. So, I ended up going with a Glock 19, and I am very happy with it. What I would really like, though, is to go back in time and by a genuine .38 Detective Special.

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Argan Jargin



When people tell me that they do not do anything special on their hair, and that person is not a man with a buzz cut, I get a little skeptical. I mean, this is only in the case where their hair actually looks nice, if their hair looks like a mess, I just feel pity upon hearing of their lack of hair care. It is just ridiculous to hear that people do not care about how they look. These people could be putting in just a tiny bit of extra work, and they would look much better, but they do not for some undiscernible reason.

I mean, they might say that it is just because they are lazy, but that is among the worst excuses I have ever heard. It is essentially a person saying that they do not feel like improving themselves just because it is too much work. And then you can see these same people doing something that betrays their so called laziness. Just like when my friend with long hair spent 40 minutes doing her hair up in braids, despite never conditioning and having the least healthy hair I’ve ever seen. It is silly, she will put effort into the braids, but not into getting a second bottle of things to put in her hair. And you know what, it is not just women, men also should take care of themselves. Just because their hair is not as long as women (for the most part at least), does not mean that they do not need to take care of it.

Even if they do not end up using conditioner, there is another thing that they can do. And that thing is using a betterbenefits-of-argan-oil-shampoo shampoo. You see, if you have a really good shampoo you do not really need conditioner, although conditioner definitely can only help. Basically, if you get a good enough shampoo, you won’t need much of anything else. This is why I have to suggest that you get argan oil shampoo. You see, argan oil shampoo which is reviewed by Maple Holistics is pretty much the greatest shampoo I have ever encountered. Argan oil shampoo really does change up the shower game. I mean, argan oil shampoo does the job of both the shampoo and the conditioner, rejuvenating your hair with the moisturizing properties of argan oil. In fact, argan oil shampoo can even be used as a body wash, although you might not want to do that as it is wasteful. I mean, technically all shampoos can be used as a body wash, but the operative word there is can. That in no way means that you should use argan oil shampoo as a body wash. Do not worry though, as there is almost definitely argan oil body was in order to get all the moisturizing goodness of argan oil on your body during shower times. There is definitely argan oil moisturizing cream though, to go with your argan oil shampoo. So you can actually get a full suite of argan oil products to make your bath time experience complete.

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Whole Lot of Good With Jojoba

To continue from my last post, let’s talk Jojoba oil. Our body has a natural oil, called the sebum. It is produced by the sebaceous glands, which then bring the oil to the surface, and help protect the skin against unwanted elements, and provide the body with a natural smoothness and shine.

There are many hydrating products, meant primarily for the skin, which attempt to emulate the sebum’s pH balance and consistency. A substance which is very similar to the body’s sebum is the oil of the jojoba plant.

The jojoba’s oil contains vitamin E, B complex vitamins, silicon, and several minerals. It is very high in iodine, which is partly what gives jojoba oil its power to heal. It also contains fatty acids, which turns it into a moisturizing wonder. Ironic, considering its natural habitat.

desertJojoba is native to dry, hot regions, such as the deserts of California and Mexico. Its seeds hold an impressive amount of oil within them, all things considered, and they are perfect for use in restoring the body’s natural sebum-production.

If you are experiencing dry skin, dry hair, dry scalp, flaking, or irritation – it could all very well be the result of a pH unbalance. By using a product like jojoba’s essential oil, you are able to give the body and skin some of its shine and vitality back. Being overexposed to damaging elements, such as the chemicals and artificial perfumes found in many cosmetics and hygiene products, can be detrimental for your skin, and especially your face, since it is out in the open air most of the time, unlike other body parts which are usually covered.

Looking for a lotion with strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties? Go for something with jojoba in it as a main ingredient. Maple Holistics makes some effective Jojoba oil based lotions and soaps.  It is one of the body’s most beneficial oils, especially when used more frequently.

NOTE: follow instructions, and use any essential oils in moderation. The jojoba can do a lot of good things, but like all good things in needs to be taken in measure.applying

Jojoba’s oil has many uses: it can be used as a makeup remover, a lube, a skin softener, a shampoo, a hair conditioner, a scalp massager, and an all-around moisturizer. There are also those who use it while shaving, and they report that the plant can help prevent burns and keep the skin smooth.

As for its more ‘medical’ kinds of benefits, jojoba can help with chapped lips; cracked feet; dryness of hands, fingers, and toe cuticles; eczema; psoriasis; acne; and other skin conditions. More studies are needed in order to clinically validate these claims, but the jojoba has had enough research done on it to make it a staple in many American households.

Jojoba wasn’t always America’s first choice. For many years and decades, the use of whale oil was very common. Following a ban on whale oil importing, people sought a new hope, and that was given to them in the shape of the jojoba plant. Jojoba is now used as the basis for many different kinds of products, and it is growing ever more popular.